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24 August 2006

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   About the Strategy
   About us
   Cerys Matthews makes hit song '1-2-3' add up to -- for children's charity
   Get reading ? in Welsh ? with 'Quick Reads'
   Press release: Almost 1 in 5 adults in Wales say they struggle with basic maths
   New Years Honour for ex-Agency staff
   Tender - Promoting Reading & Writing in Wales
   Police ESOL launches in Cardiff
   Press release: Basic Skills Agency to launch major Welsh numeracy campaign
   Citizenship Materials for ESOL Learners - Autumn 2005 Workshops
   The Basic Skills Agency Wales Dissemination Conference 2005
   Visit our stand at the National Eisteddfod
   Press Release: Basic Skills Quality Mark 'a positive contribution to teaching'
   Yale Lecturer Scoops Top UK Teaching Award
   Basic Skills Agency appoints new Executive Director: Wales
   Assembly commits 40 million for a second National Basic Skills Strategy for Wales
   Castle Cement and Deeside College receive the Pledge Award
   Press Notice: Basic Skills Agency ESOL Conference: English Language and Citizenship
   Students turn teacher for World Book Day
   Press Release: Basic Skills Agency Financial Capability Conference
   Press Release: Minister launches new award for learners
   Basic Skills Agency Early Years Conference: Talking Together
   Basic Skills Agency Launches TV Advertising Campaign
   Basic Skills Agency launches Wales Observatory website
   Early Years Conference 2005
   The Strategy in the news
   Basic Skills Agency launches first ever adult literacy core curriculum for Welsh
   Design a Maths Game Competition 2004
   Basic Skills Employer Pledge reception
   Mutations Card
   Wales Annual Conference 2004: Tackling Disengagement
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   'Design a Maths Game' 2005 - poll
   LEA results
   Delivery Plan 2005-2006
   Bilingual Pdfs
   Promotion Campaigns
   Phase Three Numeracy Campaign
   Phase One
   Phase Two - Read with Me
   World Book Day
   Phase Four - Talking Together
   Phase Five
   Phase Five adverts
   Cerys Matthews - on her involvement with the campaign
   Early Years Publications
   Framework for Assessing Improved Skills of Children and Parents
   Evaluative Report of Language and Play programmes
   Assessment Framework for assessing improved skills of children and parents
   An Evaluative Report on Family Programmes with recommendations on effective practice
   Family Programmes: Good Practice Pack
   Early Years Resources
   Read with Me
   Read and Write Together
   Stories, Songs and Rhymes
   Talking Together Television Adverts
   Talking Together Pack
   Evaluation of the Language and Play Programme
   Read and Write Together magazine
   Count and Figure it Out Together magazine
   Talk and Listen Together
   Count and Figure it Out Together pack
   Numbers, Songs and Rhymes
   Primary Publications
   Effective Practice in Writing at Key Stage 2
   Primary Quality Mark
   Securing Boys' Literacy
   Maths tips posters
   Primary Quality Mark Magazine - Summer 2004
   Ceri a Huw
   Number Fun
   Secondary Publications
   Bridges for Literacy
   How To
   Improving Boys' Literacy
   Secondary Quality Mark
   Writing to Learn
   The Basic Skills Agency Numeracy Box
   Secondary Quality Mark Magazine - Summer 2004
   EAL: More than Survival
   Drama and Literacy
   Text type posters
   Number Workout
   Key Terms Used in Examination Questions
   Post-16 Publications
   Adult Financial Capability Framework
   Adult Literacy Core Curriculum (Welsh)
   Baseline Survey of Workplace Basic Skills Programmes in Wales Executive Summary
   Basic Skills and Financial Exclusion
   Basic Skills Awareness Raising Pack for Wales
   Employer Pledge Pack
   Making it Happen
   National Standards for Adult Literacy and Numeracy
   Not My Problem
   Post 16 Quality Mark Booklet
   Survival Skills
   Making the Most of Your Money
   Confident Consumer
   Initial Assessment (Welsh Language Version)
   Working in Wales poster
   Llwybr Cyflym
   Asesu Darllen a Mathemateg
   The National Survey of Adult Basic Skills in Wales
   National Survey - LA and Ward results
   Post-16 Resources from the Basic Skills Agency
   Assessing Proficiency in Reading and Writing Welsh
   Police ESOL
   Quick Reads
   Quick Reads Quotes
   Summer Quick Reads
   Quick Reads author biographies
   Welsh Language titles
   Cross Phase Publications
   The Extent of the Problem
   Making a Difference in Wales
   Survey into Young Children's Skills on Entry to Education
   Best entries in the Basic Skills Book Awards 2003
   Tips cards
   Mutations card and posters
   Numeracy Resources Leaflet
   Promoting your school's Quality Mark
   Adult Financial Capability
   Basic Skills and Financial Exclusion
   Words Talk - Numbers Count
   Literacy Resources
   Making Reading Easier (Welsh language only)
   Evaluation of the Strategic Intervention Grants Programme
   Sentences for Success
   Basic Skills Cymru
   Basic Skills Cymru
   Basic Skills Cymru: January 2006
   Basic Skills Cymru: February 2006
   Basic Skills Cymru: March 2006
   Basic Skills Cymru: May 2006
   Basic Skills Cymru - June 2006
   New Publications
   Organisations in Wales
   Sharing practice
   Early years
   Flintshire Maths Recovery programme
   Literacy Catch Up
   Cynffig Comprehensive School Case Study
   Practice worth sharing - Caer Las, Swansea
   Employer Pledge, Conwy Borough Council
   Cross phase
   Realising our Vision Conference - June 2006
   Basic Skills in Support Conference - February 2006
   World Book Day
   Soccer Sensation
   Introduction to Embedding - Toni Schiavone
   Introduction to Evaluation - Toni Schiavone
   Introduction to Innovation - Alan Wells
   Keynote speech - Jane Davidson
   Early Years
   Talking Together Evaluation Report
   Language and Play
   Language and Play ESOL Handouts
   Talking and Playing in Everyday Routines
   Early Writing
   Talking and Playing - Out and About
   Rhymes and Songs
   Books and Stories
   LAP LEA Resources
   Activities for Session / Home
   Organiser's Resources
   Early Years Conference 2005
   EYC 2005 Exhibitor's Sign-up
   Primary Quality Mark
   Training Grants
   Secondary Quality Mark
   Essentials for Raising Standards
   'Design a Maths Game' Competition 2005
   Blaenau Gwent
   Conwy - Ysgol Emrys ap Iwan
   Conwy - Ysgol Bryn Elian
   Vale of Glamorgan
   The Winners!
   Post 16
   National Support Projects 2006
   Employer Pledge
   Further Education NSP
   P16 Quality Mark NSP
   Training Organisation NSP
   Voluntary and Community NSP
   Workplace NSP
   Post 16 Quality Mark
   Teacher Training
   Financial Literacy
   Cross Phase
   Strategic Intervention Grants
   Family Programmes
   Basic Skills Book Awards
   Book Awards Exhibition
   Supporters in Schools
   Information on Volunteer Supporters
   Information on Learning Support Assistants
   ESOL for Citizenship Conference
   World Book Day 2005
   Story Bridge
   Quiz Challenge
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