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Resources > Primary Publications > Ceri a Huw

Ceri a Huw

The Ceri a Huw series has been produced as a joint venture between the Basic Skills Agency, Gwynedd LEA and Cynnal Advisory Service. We have provided the funding as part of the National Basic Skills Strategy and Gwynedd LEA, together with the author Marian Jones, wrote and produced the material. We are grateful to Gwynedd LEA for allowing us to make the material more widely available.
Ceri and Huw are washing the piglets
Ceri and Huw are washing the piglets

National Basic Skills Strategy funding has enabled us to provide, free of charge, one set of Ceri a Huw to all primary schools, family literacy programmes and Language and Play programmes.

Ceri a Huw sets are available for £5.00 each plus £2.50 postage and packing per order. They can be ordered by calling our orderline on 0870 600 2400 and quoting stock code A1745.

Ceri a Huw yn yr eira (Ceri and Huw in the snow)
Blociau lliwgar Ceri a Huw (Ceri and Huw's colourful blocks)
Ceri a Huw yn mynd am dro (Ceri and Huw go for a walk)
Ceri a Huw ar lan y mor (Ceri and Huw at the seaside)
Ceri a Huw yn pysgota (Ceri and Huw go fishing)
Ceri a Huw yn peintio ty (Ceri and Huw paint a house)
Coeden Nadolig Ceri a Huw (Ceri and Huw's Christmas tree)
Cwch Ceri a Huw (Ceri and Huw's boat)
Moch bach Ceri a Huw (Ceri and Huw's piglets)
Esgidiau newydd Ceri a Huw (Ceri and Huw's new shoes)
Pel Ceri a Huw (Ceri and Huw's ball)
Si-so Ceri a Huw (Ceri and Huw's seesaw)
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