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Police and ESOL learners

Police ESOL cover

Published by the Basic Skills Agency in partnership with South Wales Police and Cardiff City Council's Parade ESOL Service, Police ESOL aims to develop English language skills in the context of improving community safety and communications between the police and minority linguistic communities. Although initially concerned with creating links with the growing number of asylum seekers who have come to live in Wales, the approach is equally relevant to any ESOL learners particularly those in ESOL for Citizenship programmes.

Included in the Police ESOL materials, a DVD takes learners into the emergency services communication centre where they can practise reporting different incidents. The activities deal with uncomfortable issues such as domestic violence and racism but also include more light hearted tasks and games to extend or reinforce language and knowledge.

Please note that Police ESOL is available in English language only.

Order a copy of Police ESOL from our Online Shop at £8 + VAT + postage.

Police ESOL [PDF] 4.8MB
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