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Design a Maths Game competition
In 2004 and 2005 the Basic Skills Agency has run a competition for secondary schools to design a maths game which primary schools children will play and enjoy and learn from.

'Design a Maths Game' competition

Family Programmes and KUWC
The Basic Skills Agency's Family Programmes in Wales consist of programmes and workshops run in all Local Education Authorities to help parents improve their own basic skills and to get them back into learning whilst helping their children.

Family Programmes

Key Stage 3 Numeracy Campaign
This campaign is part of the promotion of the National Basic Skills Strategy for Wales on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government.

Key Stage 3 Numeracy Campaign

Secondary Quality Mark
The Basic Skills Agency's Quality Mark is seen by the National Assembly as a central part of its strategy to improve the quality of literacy and numeracy provision in schools.

Secondary Quality Mark

Secondary Training Initiative
The Secondary Training Initiative is a school based initiative, supported by LEAs, which aims to increase the capacity of secondary schools to provide basic skills support for KS3 pupils who are falling behind the expected performance levels for their age. The aim of the initiative is to provide support for staff training in secondary schools which will have a direct impact on basic skills practice in classrooms.

Secondary Training Initiative
What are the essentials for raising standards in schools?

Strategic Intervention Grants
The SIG is an annual grant allocated to LEAs to run any of 4 initiatives in schools to strengthen their strategy for raising literacy and numeracy standards

Strategic Intervention Grants

Welcome to Sumsville, the place where maths is happening all around. You can go wakeboarding, play basketball and even take part in the Sumsville Dance Idol contest, and improve your maths skills at the same time.


Supporting ESOL/EAL programmes
Our ESOL/EAL programme aims to strengthen the support available to adults and children from linguistic minority communities in response to the ESOL/EAL scoping study, EAL and ESOL in Wales, commissioned in October 2002.


The Tripartite Course
The aim of the Tripartite Course is to prepare young people and adults for a Level 1 qualification in literacy, numeracy and I.T. The Course has been written to cover all the skills, knowledge and understanding needed at this level. It is aimed at learners who are at the top of Entry 3 or the lower end of Level 1.


Supporters in Schools
In recent years LEAs have invested considerably in the provision and training of Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) and volunteers to deliver extra basic skills support to pupils who need it. To help assist LSAs and volunteers, this new section of the website identifies examples of good practice, and provides other resources and advice to help these ‘Supporters in Schools’. Over the coming months the section will grow to incorporate guidelines, advice, resources, and signposts to other useful training programmes for literacy and numeracy on the internet.

Supporters in Schools
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What are the essentials for raising standards in schools?
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