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The Tripartite Course

The aim of the Tripartite Course is to prepare young people and adults for a Level 1 qualification in literacy, numeracy and I.T. The Course has been written to cover all the skills, knowledge and understanding needed at this level. It is aimed at learners who are at the top of Entry 3 or the lower end of Level 1.

The course will include core elements which will enable a tutor to teach the literacy and numeracy and I.T. skills at this level. In addition, there will be a range of optional modules through which learners may practise, reinforce and review the skills which are taught in the core elements. The optional modules will relate to different contexts such as: Health, Sport, Job-search, Driving, Family Learning/Parenting, Financial Literacy, Citizenship/Current Affairs, Wales Europe and the World. There will also be vocational modules including Health & Safety, Skills for Retail, Skills for Care, Skills for Construction.

It is expected that most learners would require 240 to 300 teaching hours to learn and feel secure in all of the Level 1 literacy, numeracy and I.T. skills.

The Tripartite Award
To gain the Tripartite Award, candidates will need to obtain Level 1 certificates in each of the three disciplines of literacy, numeracy and I.T. and, in addition, will need successfully to complete a personal overarching assignment which demonstrates competence in the use of the three disciplines including writing, speaking and listening.

The Level 1 certificates which will be recognised are the National Adult Literacy and Numeracy certificates available from a wide range of awarding bodies. A range of I.T. certificates, approved by ACCAC, will be recognised.

Details of the overarching assignment, guidelines and assessment criteria are being produced by the Basic Skills Agency in collaboration with WJEC.

If you want to find out more then contact Aled Wyn on 020 7440 7778, or email .

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