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Secondary > Secondary Quality Mark

Secondary Quality Mark

Secondary Quality Mark
October 2004: Jane Davidson presents Ty Gwyn Special School with their Secondary Quality Mark Award

Secondary Quality Mark

The Basic Skills Agency's Quality Mark is seen by the National Assembly as a central part of its strategy to improve the quality of literacy and numeracy provision in schools.

The Quality Mark award recognises schools that meet minimum standards in teaching literacy and numeracy. Attainment of this award is based on a close partnership between the Agency, LEA and schools. The process involved in meeting the requirements of the ten elements of the Quality Mark, is effective in focusing schools attention on basic skills, and improving the quality of basic skills provision.

The 10 elements are;

1. A whole school strategy and an action plan to improve performance in basic skills.

2. An assessment of pupil performance in basic skills in the school.

3. A target for the improvement of the school's performance in basic skills.

4. Basic skills improvement plans for pupils receiving help with basic skills in the school.

5. Regular assessment of the progress made by each pupil receiving help with basic skills.

6. Access to nationally recognised accreditation of these skills for each pupil receiving help with basic skills.

7. Access to training for staff involved in teaching or supporting basic skills.

8. The use of a range of teaching styles and material to improve basic skills.

9. The involvement of parents in developing their children's basic skills.

10. An effective procedure for monitoring the action plan and assessing improvement in performance in basic skills.

The agency provides grants to LEAs to assist in the development of their strategies in supporting schools towards achieving the Quality Mark. Grants provided are intended to encourage LEAs to take a lead role in supporting and assessing schools. LEAs are also encouraged to take a strategic approach to ensuring that all their schools can meet the requirements.

In order for schools to receive the Quality Mark, they must be assessed by their LEAs against the 10 elements and be recommended to the Agency for approval. The Agency will monitor the assessments and ensure that they are consistent between and across LEAs.

If you want to find out more then contact Rhian Mathias on 020 7440 7777, or email .

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Secondary Quality Mark
If you want specific details about your LEA, use the link below to access the Quality Mark database,
Quality Mark Database
Quality Mark Flyer
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