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Secondary > 'Design a Maths Game' Competition 2005 > Vale of Glamorgan

Vale of Glamorgan LEA

Stanwell School - 'Mathster'
Stanwell School - 'Mathster'

Stanwell School


The game where maths gets you in a twist!!!! You've heard of Twister, now play the new game

- This is a game for 3 - 5 players. The youngest player begins the game. The aim of the game is to stay on the Mathster mat as long as possible and be the only person remaining standing up at the end.

- There are two sets of cards - Easy and HARD!!!

- First choose a Spin Master. The Spin Master does not take part on the mat.

- The Spin Master spins the spinner for each player. When the spinner stops the Spin Master reads the player a card of the same colour.

- If the player answers correctly they follow the instructions on the card.

- If the player gets the question wrong they do not move and play passes to the next player. If they get their question wrong three times they are disqualified.

- The game is played until there is only one person left standing on the mat (all the others will have fallen over!!)

- There is a time limit for the questions. Easy questions - 5 seconds, Hard questions - 10 seconds. If the player does not answer in the time limit, it counts as being wrong.

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