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Secondary > 'Design a Maths Game' Competition 2005 > Swansea

Swansea LEA

Cefn Hengoed Community School

Cefn Hengoed Community School
Cefn Hengoed Community School

Maths Mall

Designed by Y7 pupils from Cefn Hengoed Community School: Kelly Matthews, Rhian Lewis, Jordan Farley, Danielle Arcari, Ashley Lewis, Jonathan Harris

The aim of the game is you have to make your way round the board and you have to roll two dice.
- If you land on a number with a question underneath you have to answer the question. If you get the question correct you gain a bag, but if you get it wrong you lose a bag.
- If you land on a star you have to take a star card. If you get the answer wrong you lose a bag but if you get it correct you gain a bag.
- If you land on the decorated circles you get a bag.
- If you throw any double on the dice then you lose a bag.
- Once the first person crosses the finishing line the game is over and the person who has got the most bags wins.

Remember get as many shopping bags as you can!!! You start with 5 bags.

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