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Secondary > 'Design a Maths Game' Competition 2005 > Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire LEA

Dyffryn Taf Comprehensive - 'Calculatrice'

Dyffryn Taf Comprehensive - 'Calculatrice'
Dyffryn Taf Comprehensive - 'Calculatrice'

Our aim was to create a board game, which was eye catching and entertaining for Year 6 pupils. We made it attractive and enjoyable to play for both boys and girls. We wanted the game to be a fun way to learn.

We decided to use colourful circles around the board to make it more interesting whilst playing the game. The game made the players curious, as when it was their turn to pick up a card they didn’t know what the question was going to be.

We used colourful counters as a way of moving around the board. We used fake money as a reward for answering a question correctly. Each question would be checked with a calculator, which is placed in the middle of the board. The player on their left would check the question.

We enjoyed making the game; even though it took up some of our break times. It was fun making a game, which would help pupils to learn.

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