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Secondary > 'Design a Maths Game' Competition 2005 > Blaenau Gwent

Blaenau Gwent LEA

Glyncoed Comprehensive School - 'Shape Shift'
Glyncoed Comprehensive School - 'Shape Shift'

Glyncoed Comprehensive School

'Shape Shift'
This is the best maths game you could play. It helps you to learn symmetry, shapes and numbers. Children of 5 years and above can play this game and have fun learning.


1. Each player picks a picture of either a frog, flower, car, or fish. Each player keeps their picture throughout the game.

2. To start the game each player rolls the dice and the player with the highest number goes first.

3. All players assemble at the starting point on the board. Player one throws the dice and moves the stated number of spaces. The person to the left of the first player throws the dice and so on.

4. If a player lands on a forward shape or a backward shape the player must move as stated.

5. If a player lands on a certain shape then the player must pick up the corresponding card. For example, if a player landed on a rectangle, then he/she must pick up the rectangle question card.

6. If they answer correctly the player can pick out a piece of the symmetrical shape from the bag. However, if the shape they pick is not part of their picture they must put the piece back in the bag.

7. If the player answers incorrectly then they stay on that shape until the next throw of the dice.

8. All players continue to take turns to throw the dice.

9. All players to collect all pieces of the picture puzzle until their picture is complete.

10. If a player gets to the middle without completing the picture they must go back to start and continue around the board.

11. The player who collects all the symmetry pieces and gets to the centre first wins the game.

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