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Resources > Post-16 Publications > Adult Literacy Core Curriculum (Welsh)

Adult Literacy Core Curriculum (Welsh)

This curriculum has been produced for adult learners of the Welsh language. It has been designed so that it is consistent with the curriculum demands in English and is based on the national standards for adult literacy qualifications.

Alongside this, the Basic Skills Agency has launched the Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum in Welsh, which is the curriculum for learners improving their numeracy through the Welsh medium, as well as the Adult Pre-Entry Core Curriculum for Literacy and Numeracy, which is the curriculum for adult learners of literacy and numeracy in Welsh whose skills are below that of Level 1 (or the equivalent to GCSE grades D-G). The Basic Skills Agency has also launched Access for All, which is designed to help adults with a range of disabilities and learning difficulties to improve their basic skills.

Adult Literacy Core Curriculum (Welsh)
Cwricwlwm Craidd Llythrennedd Oedolion
Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum (Welsh)
Cwricwlwm Craidd Rhifedd Oedolion
Adult Pre-Entry Core Curriculum for Literacy and Numeracy (Welsh)
Cwricwlwm Craidd Cyn-Fynediad i Oedolion ar gyfer Llythrennedd a Rhifedd
Access for All (Welsh)
Hawl i Bawb
Interactive versions of the adult literacy core curriculum with the guidance manual Access for All, the adult literacy core curriculum with Access for All, the adult ESOL core curriculum, and the adult pre-entry curriculum framework are now available on the readwriteplus website.
Interactive Adult Literacy Core Curriculum
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