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Financial Literacy and Consumer Education

The aim of the financial literacy and consumer education initiative is to use this context as a means of attracting a wider group of learners into improving their basic skills. Discussions with colleagues in the further education sector, agriculture and voluntary and community organisations indicate that not only is financial and consumer capability an increasing area of concern, but that it is also a context which attracts a wide range of learners including some difficult to reach groups.

In addition, financial literacy is seen to be an important area of activity for development within the school sector for the 14-19 age group as a context that would be relevant and meaningful to disengaged young people. Consumer education aims to empower vulnerable adult learners by giving them the skills, confidence and knowledge to be effective and active consumers.


- Produce a package of materials aimed at improving basic skills through improving financial literacy and consumer confidence

- Identify a team of people to provide a training for other trainers and for those working directly with learners

- Develop a training programme which not only enables post 16 teachers and those working in schools with the 14-19 age group, to deliver a programme of work to improve financial literacy but also consolidates the literacy and numeracy training

- Raise awareness of basic skills issues amongst money advisers and the world of finance.

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