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Language and Play: Working With Parents From Minority Linguistic Communities

Families in Wales are very aware of the value of bringing up their children to be bilingual. Learning more than one language at an early age helps to develop valuable skills on which children can build as they grow up. There are a growing number of families living in Wales who speak additional languages and who would benefit from becoming involved in pre-school programmes. Some Language and Play programmes have worked with groups of parents and children who are new to Welsh and English, while others may have a small numbers in English or Welsh medium groups.

To help these parents to support the development of their children's speaking and listening skills in their home language, as well as English or Welsh, we have produced additional language materials in consultation with LAP Co-ordinators that you can download use alongside the English and Welsh materials you already have. The translations include Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Japanese, Punjabi, Somali and Thai. We have also included key words in Hindi.

If you want to find out more then contact Celine Castelino on 020 7440 6531, or email .

English Text
English Keywords
Arabic Text
Arabic Keywords
Bengali Text
Bengali Keywords
Chinese Text
Chinese Keywords
Greek Text
Japanese Text and Keywords
Hindi Keywords
Italian Text
Nepali Text
Portuguese Text
Punjabi Text
Punjabi Keywords
Somali Text
Somali Keywords
Tagalog Text
Thai Text and Keywords
Turkish Text
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