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Early Years > Language and Play ESOL Handouts > Talking and Playing in Everyday Routines

Language and Play - Talking and Playing in Everyday Routines

Did you know?

• Speaking or singing to your child during your household chores will help your child and teach them routines
• Every baby or child or parent relationship is different - even within the same family.

How does this help / support the child?

• It gives a sense of security and helps them to begin to make choices
• Routines will help children of all ages and encourage them to speak and copy through play

Working together.

Try one of the following:

• Talk to your child about their favourite rhyme or bedtime story
• Read, tell or make up a story for your child and encourage them to join in as you tell the story

Activities you might like to try at home.

• Try talking or playing with your child when dressing, making the bed, at bath time or bedtime.
• Share favourite stories, songs and rhymes to go with familiar routines.
• Get your child to join with the preparing and cooking of meals e.g. making chapattis

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