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Information on Learning Support Assistants

A. Introduction

This policy is in keeping with the school's aims, its teaching and learning policies, and its policy on equal opportunity. The school is committed to a policy of inclusion: one in which the teaching, learning, achievements, attitudes and well-being of all children matter.  The management and deployment of the school's resources are designed to ensure all children's needs are met. The school seeks to ensure the provision of additional learning support, as well as effective teaching strategies across the curriculum, in order to enable pupils identified as struggling with skills reach their potential.

B. Roles and Responsibilities of Learning Support Assistants

i. Role

Learning Support Assistants have a key role in supporting the curriculum work of pupils identified as struggling with basic skills. They work collaboratively with class teachers by

- Contributing regularly to weekly and daily plans in order to support targeted pupils

- Working alongside class teachers in delivering the curriculum

- Working with individual pupils or small groups on specific basic skills programmes

- Developing and selecting resources

ii. Responsibilities

LSAs are employed by the School Governors and deployed by the Headteacher to help deliver the school's Learning Support Programme drawn up by the Learning Support/Basic Skills Co-ordinator. The LSA's responsibilities are to:

To Governors and Headteacher
- To be an active member of the whole school team
- To project a professional manner in representing the school
- To maintain confidentiality of all information
- To support school policies
- To participate in the school’s Induction Programme for LSAs
- To participate in the school's Performance Management Programme
- To take opportunities to develop their skills and become increasingly knowledgeable in ways of supporting pupils

To Learning Support/Basic Skills Co-ordinator and teaching staff
-To work as part of a flexible and supportive team to help pupils gain full access to the curriculum
-To support the delivery of the school's literacy and numeracy strategies
-To act as a link liaison person with the English and Maths departments

To Pupils
-To support pupils to overcome barriers to learning so they are able to work independently across the curriculum

C. Roles and responsibilities of staff towards LSAs

The school regards good staff development and supportive management as the key to the success of the LSA role and to raising pupil achievement and confidence. The roles and responsibilities of staff towards LSAs are:

Governors and headteachers
-To have overall responsibility for setting career and pay structures for LSAs
-To provide the LSA with a detailed job description and allocation of hours statement. (All alterations in hours and job description will be negotiated with the member of staff concerned and suitable notice given.)
-To provide an induction programme which will include training in: health and safety in work, child protection policy and procedures.
-To provide opportunities for professional development and performance management.

Learning Support/Basic Skills Co-ordinator
-To plan the school's Learning Support Programme and to provide the information, guidance and resources necessary to enable LSAs to fulfil their role in that programme
-To ensure that all staff have the knowledge and skills necessary for supporting the development of pupils' literacy and numeracy skills within their subject area in order to work effectively with the LSAs
-To support heads of department/subject co-ordinators in drawing up policies on the role and deployment of LSAs in their curriculum areas

Teaching Staff
-To share information with the LSA e.g. lesson plans and pupil assessment data
-To povide the LSA with clarification on their subject area if requested

D. Induction

The LSA will be provided with a copy of The Staff Handbook and The School Policy Document Handbook

The LSA will be provided with guidance on:

- LSA job responsibilities

- Assessment and record keeping procedures

- Resources available for Learning Support

- Roles and responsibilities of other members of the Learning Support Team

- Health and Safety at Work regulations

- Child protection policy and procedures

- Behaviour codes for staff and pupils

- Staff Development and Performance Management

The LSA will be introduced to:

- The daily routines of the school and particularly those relating to Learning Support

- School staff and particularly the members of the Learning Support Team

- Pupils who have been identified for

E. Staff Development and Training

The LSA will be given:

- A clear job description

- Feedback on performance, regular review meetings and an individual plan for development as outlined in the school's Performance Management Policy

- Access to relevant team meetings and staff briefings

- Opportunities to observe good practice

- Access to relevant school and/or externally provided Inset

- Access to relevant Inset publications

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