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Supporting ESOL/EAL programmes

Our ESOL/EAL programme aims to strengthen the support available to adults and children from linguistic minority communities in response to the ESOL/EAL scoping study, EAL and ESOL in Wales, commissioned in October 2002. Informed by the findings of the study we are developing mechanisms for skills-sharing, producing and disseminating resources and developing training leading to qualifications.

Since September we have:

  • produced guidance and key words in several different community languages for Language and Play programmes which can be downloaded from this site,

  • provided dual language book boxes for LAP programmes working with minority linguistic families,

  • commissioned materials to support minority linguistic students working towards the Tripartite Award,

  • commissioned two Level 2 pilot training programmes for Adult Learner Supporters,

  • begun to develop a Level 3 Initial Teacher Training programme,

  • commissioned Cardiff LEA to develop a language programme for asylum seeker parents that underpins the LAP, Keeping Up with the Children programmes and develops the English language skills of participants who wish to work in the childcare sector (this is part of the ASSET UK project funded through the European Union's Equal Programme).

Over the following year, in addition to strengthening the EAL and ESOL elements across our programmes, we shall disseminate the outcomes of the Level 2 training for Adult Learner Supporters, continue to develop training and qualifications for Post 16 teachers at Level 3, produce support teaching and learning materials, increase the numbers of ESOL programmes with the Post 16 Quality Mark and pilot support in selected organisations including those supporting asylum seekers and refugees.

If you want to find out more then contact Celine Castelino on 020 7440 6531, or email .

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