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Welcome to the Basic Skills Agency Wales Website Help Page. Below you will find information about how to use this website. We hope you'll find the answers to your questions here. If not, you can always contact us with your query, please e-mail

Home Page
Your initial gateway to the resources on the BSA Wales website is the Home Page. Alongside the menus, you will find the latest featured articles, publications, and basic skills news. From here you can navigate your way around the site in three ways: via the top menu, left hand menu, or right hand menu bars.

Top menu bar
This gives you direct access to the main areas of the site. These are: About Us, Resources, and Strategy Programmes. You can also use this menu to return to the homepage. When you are away from the homepage, a sub menu will appear underneath the top menu bar, listing the strategy programmes; Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Post 16, and Cross Phase. These are colour coded for easy reference.

Left hand menu bar
This menu allows remains the same wherever you are in the site. It contains links to the news section and discussion forums, and also links to the site information pages and accessibility section. The bottom section of the left hand menu bar provides a link to the main Basic Skills agency site, where you can shop for publications.

Right hand menu bar
This menu changes depending on where you are in the site. It may contain fasttrack links to relevant publications and other websites. This is where Polls can also be found.

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